Perception EP

by Killian Ruffley

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Debut EP by Irish songwriter, Killian Ruffley.


released April 19, 2013

Killian Ruffley: Guitars, Vocals, Backing vocals

Ellen Lynch: Vocals (Stay with him)

Daniel Dempsey: Backing vocals (Back into your arms)

Craig Smith: Bass

Matt Cross: Percussion and Piano

William Elston: Recording, Mixing and Mastering

All songs written and composed by Killian Ruffley



all rights reserved


Killian Ruffley Ireland

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Track Name: Be Free
The way your talking, its so insulting.
Your words are strangling me.

Your face is glowing, your wrinkles showing.
Think you need a release.

Wash your hands of this disease, drop your needs and follow me.
Cause when it comes to living life, there's only one thing that you need.

Be free.

Your spirits locked up, your soul screams "free me"
but you've thrown away the key.

Just take it easy, your freedom needs me,
but the fight, it just won't let you be.
Track Name: Stay with him
Bang his head against the wall,
Waiting for someone to hear his call, weeping eyes gone dry.
The thoughts feel like they're caving in,
hoping someone will let him in, after days and years gone by.
They're packing up, they're leaving him,
as time goes by more people will, he's got left behind.
The feeling beneath, they fade away.
He's clinging on but they won't stay, drifting day by day.

Stay with him, breathe each others air.
Stay with him, cause you are the only one who cares.
Stay with him, lead his heart to somewhere new.
Stay with him, reach out to him, but be true.

Now your the last one in his life,
your precious eyes are all he needs, won't you keep him close.
The softness of your trembling lips,
your sky blue eyes your tender kiss, won't you remember this.
Two broken hearts are now as one,
binding the moon and the sun, now darkness lays with light.
Two broken hearts are now eclipsed
through the wetness of their lips, yin and yang combine.
Track Name: Back into your arms
Walking down a street where we once held hands,
when we used to meet and had our future planned,
you were the only girl who I could understand,
now you're gone and all I have is a picture in my hand.

I'm feeling out of place,
I need to see your face,
I'm feeling out of place,
I need a ticket out of this place and I'll be, back into your arms.

Drank all of my whiskey just to feel something,
I tried to call your house but you won't let me in,
you're the sweetest girl that I have ever had,
but now you're gone and on onto another man.
Track Name: Pirates and slaves
Captain you're fashionly, clearly mismatching me,
for worthless, profitless, pirates and slaves.
Cheating us, stealing us, of our significance,
bring back the old times when we were once fair.
Commanding, demanding our freedom, abandoning us.
Sooner or later, our vengeance will rise.
Shaking and quaking, you're bones will be aching.
Sinking and drowning, down with your ship.
The one that you built with edacious intent,
with no fear or a motive for you to repent.
You desolate, all of our value for living,
in turn there is no chance of being forgiven.

Stealing and owning, the world it keeps turning,
Bring us a leader of truth.
Deceiving our innocence, god I've prayed limitless,
Bring us a leader of truth.
Attacking and Screaming has lost all it's meaning,
Bring us a leader of truth.

We trusted your guidance and boarded your ship,
in hope of a journey that granted our wish.
In turn, it was all just a swinish design.
To steal us of money, man you crossed the line.

Captain, I'm abandoning your ship.
I won't be a slave anymore but I'll sit back, I'll watch you sink.
Track Name: Tanya
I'm pluggin into your input,
the strap's on cause we always do it standin up,
try not to bust these nuts, we play so hard we can't get enough.

Lay down the beat with your body,
playin so hard like you want somebody.
What's comin out of your soundhole,
it's what I'm givin you so give it on back to me.

Your my ebony darling.
I'm yours prince charming.
Fingerin your G string.

When we come together I can make you sing.

I'm your Axman, you'll do what I say,
you'll play what I play we always go all the way.
Your sweet hard black wood, it feels so good.
When I first seen you I said to my self "I would"

Your my ebony darling.
I'd eat you up like lasagne.
Fingerin your G string.

When we come together I can make you sing.
Track Name: Broken and torn
Seasons change and I remain, lingering in your air.
Someone told me not to worry, life can be unfair.
Looking at these photographs, back at me you stare.
People say it goes away, I am not aware.

Everytime that you walked out the door,
How would I know I would see you no more.
Never showed you how I felt before,
Now I remain, Broken and torn.

Moving on and on in life, in the past you stay.
Wasted dreams and fantasies, are now just memories.
Sometimes I wish you were still here with me,
with the times we shared,
But all of these evenings I'm torn by these feelings,
come back so I can live.

Broken from your words,
you said you'd never leave me.
Broken to my bones,
give me my heart back, it's no good to you now.